Getting Completely Hooked on Spatial Sound

March 28, 2019

Ram Nabil Chia

You’ve experienced Surround Sound, and it was way cool. How much better can Spatial Sound be? Imagine diving into a three dimensional dome of sound, which goes beyond left, right, backwards and forwards; users will now enjoy a clearer perspective in sounds projected from different heights and angles.

How it works is like piecing together a 3-Dimensional speaker arrangement that combines two stereo speakers, which are tweaked and repositioned to create space, and better mimic real world sounds and ambience. Coordinating your eye movements and every turn of your head for a virtually sensational experience that is more realistic and immersive than ever before.

Spatial Sound is currently one of the most important factors in advancing the industry’s development of better Virtual Reality hardwares and softwares for mainstream media.

As for the music industry, Spatial Sound is used to greatly enhance the pleasure of listening to ‘live’ music. Apart from an overall better sound quality, you will encounter the similar feeling of walking into a concert, for real.

The closest example of Spatial Sound in ‘live’ music is the 3D sound experience as showcased in The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains, held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2017.

More recently, Sennheiser, among many other brands, has been reported to be working towards generalising the usage of Spatial Sound by making it more accessible to music engineers, as well as consumers. Creating Spatial Sound devices and selling them at within-reach prices.

Facebook and YouTube have also contributed towards the cause in recent years by implementing a feature that allows users to watch 360-degree videos that support 3D audio experience. They may be the simplest and most basic 3D audio experience, but they all count.

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