VR Auto Multiplex

December 6, 2019

Mike Chin

Introducing the VR Auto Multiplex. Immersive, experiential, future-ready car showroom.

When asked where to go for a closer look at the car you’re planning to buy, I’ll tell you to visit a showroom. The car showroom is essential in selling cars, and every automotive brand needs one. When you’re there, you’ll want to view the car itself. Touch and feel it. Sit in it. Smell it. Check out the features. And listen to the sounds of its engine.
At some point before you get to eventually test drive the car of your dreams, you’ll enquirer about the options of available colors and maybe even the rims it comes with.

Now to meet the demands of car showroom uncertainties, Ministry XR has created the Virtual Reality Auto Multiplex to ignite an accelerated decision-making process and increased chances of a car purchase, while you wait for your turn to test drive the preferred automobile. This serves as a post-test drive tool as well, just to make the complete experience even more memorable and reassuring.

This all-new immersive point-of-purchase experience empowers an entire automotive industry with a system-ready convenience in displaying a range of real-to-life scale car models. Enabling the ability in real-time customization of optional colors and configurations. Complete with the showcasing of highlighted car features, unlike ever before. Built in a true-to-life environment within minimal set-up requirements and an optimized cost.
Potential customers will be in for an engaging encounter with the car of choice and the brand as a whole. To complement the system, you’ll also get to enjoy the Oculus Quest – a fully standalone virtual reality device, which neither requires wires nor a PC.

The Oculus Quest standalone VR device makes it the perfect wireless Pack and Go Roadshow-friendly system. For a quick set up at the center court of a mall or any exhibition hall, with a minimum physical space of only 5 square meters.
And imagine this, with the in-showroom media content display panels – you will be able to view entertaining videos of the car and informative digital display of current promotions and special rebates, virtually as you walk around the car showroom and into the car itself, and have a go at the car feature click-ons, for a wholly wireless, immersive experience.
A comprehensive operational training will also be provided for ease of set up, operations and troubleshooting for both marketing and sales teams alike. And the fees are set at an introductory price that is probably the most affordable in the region, if not the world. Without compromising on its natural user interactions, seamless user experience and stunning visual quality.

On a different note and perspective, we bring to attention the growing need for automobiles to play a key role in supporting younger, more digitally oriented consumers in their need to stay socially connected. As car brands, you’ll already know that more and more millennial, the leading market segment, are alluding to connected systems and infotainment features as “critical” when purchasing a car.

And so we hear of how technology has revolutionized the automotive industry around the world, and yet, almost all car brands in Malaysia do not even own a virtual reality car showroom – the informative point-of-purchase into the future that is especially designed to be interactive, engaging and captivating.
But this is about to change as there is the VR Auto Multiplex, which was currently launched into the market at a highly-optimized introductory price with an all-inclusive customization, publishing, 12-month subscription and maintenance fee. All to galvanize accelerated car purchase-making decisions with a complete 360 walk-around interactions, featuring user analytics data to understand your customers even better for long term brand loyalty.