RE:COLLECTION is designed to assist families with loved ones diagnosed with dementia. Research shows that recollection therapy is highly effective and so we used the irrefutable engagement qualities of Augmented Reality to bring memories to life by simply hovering a mobile device over photos. 

From gathering data such as memories of people, places and events that a patient would respond most positively to, caregivers are able to create more effective therapies with more engaging AR memories. The simplicity of use was not only designed with patients in mind – much thought was given to make it easy for caregivers too – all one has to do is select a photo then drag and drop the AR content and BOOM! – they’ve just created an AR experience.

In collaboration with Maxis, Leo Burnett, and especially Caring With You Dementia Enrichment Programme Centre – we hope to continue improving this system so as to make a positive difference  to the lives stricken by this horrible disease.