MXRave - WebVR Multiplayer Open World Platform

The Idea

To all those who have been at home for the most part of 2020, we hear you. We missed going out to events like festivals, fairs, conventions and exhibitions too! MXRave is Ministry XR’s proprietary one-stop solution to enable anyone to hold online virtual events that are fun, immersive and engaging. Organizers can work together with our team of creative technologists to bring to life an event in an exciting and memorable way. Best part is that this product is highly scalable and supports total freedom of thematic and engagement customization to make each event stand out.

The Tech

MXRave is built on our Web VR Multiplayer Open World Platform, which is, as the name suggests, an open-world multiplayer gaming platform that is web-based and highly optimized for desktop and mobile devices. It focuses on stunning and immersive 3D environment style, making it readily available to port to VR systems. Built on high performing and high availability cloud infrastructure, this supports a large number of concurrent online users and makes your virtual world available to visitors worldwide.

The Web VR Multiplayer Open World Platform is integrated with Ministry XR’s Data Intelligence Platform, capable of capturing and providing valuable insights such as user behaviour, demographics, adoption rates, retention rates as well as conversion rates back to the host. To top it all off, some of MXRave’s customizable features include custom-made world designs, user avatars, sound effects, game designs, communication tools and engagement functions within its web-based VR environment.

The Adoption

The year 2020 rained on many parades, forcing event organizers everywhere to postpone or completely abandon their plans for the year and foreseeable future. Rather than throwing in the towel too, Tiger Malaysia, in collaboration with IPG media, sought our expertise – using MXRave to bring their annual street food festival to smart devices. For the Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival 2020, we added functions and features that allowed visitors to customize their avatars, meet up with friends, play games, win prizes and stroll along virtual streets filled with hawker stalls that they could actually order food from, and delivered right to their doorstep. Even our homegrown Namewee made an appearance online and gave a virtual performance. 

The Results

All the hours that went into customizing and optimizing this event for Tiger Malaysia was not for nought. The Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival 2020 yielded a high number of visits because of its ease of access and shareability, quickly becoming viral amongst netizens in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Penang. Having said that, our MXRave was able to support thousands of simultaneous engagements. This virtual event offered users multiple avenues of engagement thus returning a high duration of engagement period per visit as well as a high return rate. This in turn led to improved brand perception and increased sales for the participating F&B vendors. Suffice to say, this first ever virtual food festival was a ROARing success.