Malaysia Day 2019

Malaysia Day is a holiday that is celebrated every year on 16 September to enable Malaysians the opportunity to learn about the nation’s history, oriented around the founding of the Malaysian Federation. And at the same time, dedicate a day of festivities among friends and family members. For 2019, Prudential join the fun with a set of Facebook AR filters that tracks the position of user’s face and wraps it with colourful headgears of selected Malaysian cultures, for both genders various races.

This includes the Sanggul and the Tengkolok of the Malay tradition. The Phoenix Crown (Fengguan) and Hat with Queue Hairstyle of the Chinese tradition. The Maangtikka and the Turban of the Indian/Sikh traditions. The Siung and the Sigal of the Kadazan tradition. The Lavung Se’doh and Labung Belanjan with long tail feathers of the Iban tradition. The illustration style is one that blends detailed motifs, which are close to the original attires, with a multitude of solid colours for lively and realistic effects.