(AR) Igniting the Subaru Showroom of the Future

Looking beyond the need to generate excitement in the showroom where the all-new Subaru Forester and Subaru XV were displayed, we came up with two mobile apps that serve as an AR/VR sales kit. And they are set to be technological breakthroughs that will elevate the Subaru point-of-purchase experience.

The Subaru AR app enables potential customers to see the brand new Subaru cars from a whole new perspective on smart devices – in different options of colours, rims, times of day and weather conditions!

The Subaru VR app however, initiates a virtual test drive, which allows you to explore and learn more about the cars like they were right in front of you. This includes checking out the Sunroof, the Sound System, as well as the Booth Space.

The showcasing of these Subaru models are made possible within 5 square meters of showroom space, and is transferable to 5 targeted countries – Singapore, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. In the coming months, there will also be plans to hit the road with this elevated showroom experience to almost anywhere with an internet connection.