The Second Chance Test Drive

Interest in the Ford Ranger range of pickup trucks was high but the walk-ins weren’t converting into bookings. Drivers didn’t want just tough, they wanted safe. But how do we demonstrate passive safety features, actively?

We made people get into accidents. When they came to the showroom, we got them strapped in and crashed the car. With the help of an Oculus and 360° Virtual Reality experience, families could experience and explore for themselves what the Ford Ranger’s safety features and see what “Built FORD TOUGH” actually meant.

Developing an effective VR experience requires replicating reality. The experience must be multi-sensory (excite the senses) – users are given the freedom to move and interact with the environment.

The challenge, when giving the user freedom of movement, is creating an authentic crash scenario that’s unavoidable. If the driver sees a crash coming, the solution is simply to hit the brakes, negating the value of the car’s safety features.

With the newly released Oculus Go, we orchestrated a sequence of events with visual and spatial audio cues that dictated the driver’s actions.

We distracted the driver, and when his focus was back on the road – CRASH.

The results? Increase in walk in conversions resulting in increase in sales.

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