360-degree Virtual Scavenger Hunt


This year 2020, some of our favourite events were canceled and we were all stuck at home with our screens for entertainment so we wanted to bring real life locations around Kuala Lumpur (KL) to users at home. Naturally, we landed on creating a WebVR experience of selected locations because of its accessibility and ease of use. Not good enough for you? To up the ante, we decided to inject a gamification element into the 360-degree virtual experience. We worked tirelessly to develop Malaysia’s first ever WebVR 360 Scavenger Hunt. All you need is an internet connection and your web browser will take you on an immersive journey back into the streets of KL. 


During the development of this experience, the locations that we digitized were very carefully assessed and selected. They had to be suitable for interactive treasure-hunting, rich in the number of exploration spots, with hidden spaces where our little JavaScript elves could hide the prizes in yet easy and intuitive enough for users to comprehend. A lot of meticulous details and precision work went into transforming the real-life spaces into immersive digital twin models. In total, we created 7 digitized locations to choose from and it took over 1000 still 360-degree shots (over 100 sweaty hours of shooting) and almost 4 months of technical development to roll out the final product.


Coca Cola, being the official soft drinks partner of the English Premier League (EPL) in an era where no football was being played, realized that they had a responsibility not just to football fans but to all Malaysians, to bring back some spark of joy and excitement to our lives in lockdown due to Covid-19. Thus, in partnership with McDonald’s, this promotional activation was proposed to drive sales and engagement among football fans. Using the virtual environments as game levels, the treasure-hunt mechanics were weaved into the 3D data, and incorporated exciting football-related sound effects, imagery, prizes, and concepts. The results were a breakthrough with over 7 million users nationwide and 650,000 engagements across social media. Now that’s what we call scoring a GOALLLL!


Map 1 : Bukit Jalil Stadium

Map 2 : Lorong Panggung

Map 3 : Babel Fit Gym