Skincare Efficacy System


Skincare is unique to every individual and there are many considerations that go into getting the right products that work for you. Our Skincare Efficacy System was created to maximise the spatial computing potential of computer vision on smart mobile devices to analyze and track their skin condition. The results are updated in a skin journal and the data can be used in a variety of ways. The module is also designed to allow users to engage experts remotely instead of meeting up physically.   


Powered by Augmented Reality (AR) and Computer Vision, it accurately detects eight different skin concerns — wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, skin texture, redness, skin shin, eyebags, dark circles and radiance. Users then input other specific lifestyle and health data into the app such as age, water intake, sleep patterns, etc. to further hyper individualize the real-time skincare analysis. All this data is processed by our deep learning technology; Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to understand the user and generate the appropriate skincare regimen. As an added convenience feature, users would be able to look up and purchase a recommended product directly from the app itself; making it a one-stop solution to your skincare needs.


The Skincare Efficacy System was adopted by Nutox for its range of cosmetic skincare products. They found that the Skin Care Journal with its instantaneous Call-To-Action feature has an astounding 70% adoption rate and 20% retention rate with 10mins average session per user. Furthermore, the data collected from their users was invaluable to their product research & development process.