The Spatial Frontier

The Spatial Frontier educational master plan is designed to empower professionals, academicians and students with the necessary skill sets that are crucial for creating Spatial Computing systems and solutions – gearing them for the imminent paradigm shift in computing.

The Spatial Frontier consists of two sections, XR INVENTARIUM and XRI EDU PROGRAM. XR INVENTARIUM is a lab invented by MinistryXR that is enriched with proprietary XR engagements. It comprises four experience stations designed to allow participants to interact with digital content through AR, VR and MR headsets, smartphones and tablets.

A key feature of the lab is the EDEX where we will be premiering the world’s first ‘deviceless’ holographic experience through Artificial Intelligence (think JARVIS of Ironman).

Also, within the INVENTARIUM lab is the EDU-VOLCAP – which is Southeast Asia’s first and currently only Volumetric Capture Studio. The studio is used to capture real-world 3D objects that can be used in XR developments. The EDU-VOLCAP is designed to drive the attributes of XR to expose, excite and educate students about Spatial Computing.

While THE INVENTARIUM is a lab, the XRI EDU PROGRAM comprises courses, workshops and development kits designed to excite, educate and empower students, academicians and professionals with the knowledge and skills about Spatial Computing concepts, technologies and applications. The courses are a blend of both theory and practical lessons that will ensure people grasps what has been taught and later on proceed to put it into practice.

Do catch a glimpse of it in the video above or drop us a line to find out more!